Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Time for some UHC!

So sorry I haven't been updating this daily, it was never really my intention to right a blog daily. I use this for mainly talking about things in between working/uploading videos for my Youtube channel. Well that and Minecraft. Before joining Inevitablecraft, I played with the Henchmen which was pretty much just the 3 of us. While that was fun, Inevitablecraft has been super fun. The group of people have been amazing. While we have lost a few people, we have been constantly finding amazing people to fill the empty slots. And huge props goes out to Charles for finding the people. Being one of the original few left, its been fun to see so many people working together to make a masterpiece. It really has been the longest I have focused on 1 project in Minecraft since I got the game and that mainly because of the people. I would like to think that I have gained a couple true gaming buddies much like my buddy Malk. So with that being said, we are going a step further, we are doing UHC!

For those that don't know, UHC is Ultra HardCore. There is no natural health regeneration, meaning you have to drink potions or eat a Notch apple. And there is no respawning so that means once your health is gone, you are out of it. Now I'm not sure yet on how ours will play out. Hermitcraft and Mindcrack both do them but the rules/goals vary. Also not sure how many people are going to participate. I think like 10 have stated they will be. I'm hoping for teams of 3. Because if it was only teams of 2, my partner will be carrying me. I'm not that great at player vs. player. Oh that's right, the goal is to be the last team standing. So I'm looking forward to it. I will be recording and it all takes place Sunday! So be on the look out for the first episode Monday or Tuesday!

Have a Great One!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm addicted to Stranded Deep!

I am a huge fan of Generikb and he recently started playing Stranded Deep. After about 5 episodes, I knew I had to play this game. Since the first time I started exploring, I was HOOKED! Its a survival game that pretty much puts you in Chuck Noland's shoes on a deserted island and you have to scavenge for supplies to live. You don't know who Chuck Noland is? Well either you have never seen one of the best movies of all time or you just forgot. It's the character that Tom Hanks played in the movie Castaway. I know, its awesome right?

This game is so amazing that I find myself playing for hours and completely losing all track of time. My favorites have to be the craft part. While you don't have a ton of options like you do in Minecraft, you can still build some awesome shelter for being stranded. I'm getting pretty creative with my shelter and I just started. I also love the whole exploring part of the game. Yes you are on a deserted island but there are other deserted islands all around you. You can use your raft and paddle to travel between islands or craft a motor for a wooden raft (not that far yet.) Between each island (even on some islands) there are shipwrecks and plane crashes in the water for you to search for supplies on.

With all good comes bad. While you are swimming around checking out those ships, be careful. The waters are filled with sharks. And with the newest patch they can be pretty annoying. The most recent patch include some changes to the sharks behavior making them more aggressive. Sharks will literally knock you out of your boat and chew your face off. The best part if you can usually out run them in a raft but the marlins can easily out run you and knock you out for their shark buddies.

There is a lot to this game already and its still in the early stages. Its available through Steam's Early Access section and the developers have told Generikb that they plan on monthly updates. WHOA! Let's hope they don't pull a Rockstar ha. So I give this game a 5 out 5 star rating. It has some bugs but for an early access game, its pretty darn good!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello all! FeenixFeather here and I decided (after my wife told me about 100 times that I should) to start one of these here blog things. A little about me, I'm 25, married and have 2 daughters. I'm very much a family man, I would be so lost without them. Even though in a few years I will be ripping my hair out with 2 teenage daughters! I'm also a gamer, a very diverse gamer. Most people find one type of game they like and stick with it. I'm all over the place. For example, some of my favorite games right now are Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Stranded Deep, Pokemmo, and wait for it....Farming Simulator. I have my own Youtube channel which is mainly for gaming but I do upload some events that I got to with my family. I'm also a paranormal investigator for Research and Evidence of the Afterlife a.k.a. R.E.A.L. and I will be talking more about that in the coming months. So that is just a little bit about me.

Why FeenixFeather? I never really explained how I came up with my name so I figured I would for my first post. My wife and I are huge World of Warcraft fans and when I create a toon, I think of words that fit the class I want to make. When I created my warlock, the word phoenix came to mind. Of course the name Phoenix was taken and was probably taken a long time ago. And so like I do whenever I run into this problem, I went to Google Translate. After going through tons of translations, I came to the Estonian translation which feeniks. I wasn't a fan of the niks part, so I swapped it for just nix and wa lah, I had my toon's name. Later while playing Farming Simulator 2013 and playing around with customizing maps, I wasn't a fan of Feenix Farms. So I started brainstorming and then the Harry Potter fan in me gave me the answer. Feenix Feather Farms!
Then later down the road, I started Youtube, the original name was Paracraft but I wasn't 100% on that idea and FeenixFeather became it! So that's the story of FeenixFeather!