Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hello all! FeenixFeather here and I decided (after my wife told me about 100 times that I should) to start one of these here blog things. A little about me, I'm 25, married and have 2 daughters. I'm very much a family man, I would be so lost without them. Even though in a few years I will be ripping my hair out with 2 teenage daughters! I'm also a gamer, a very diverse gamer. Most people find one type of game they like and stick with it. I'm all over the place. For example, some of my favorite games right now are Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Stranded Deep, Pokemmo, and wait for it....Farming Simulator. I have my own Youtube channel which is mainly for gaming but I do upload some events that I got to with my family. I'm also a paranormal investigator for Research and Evidence of the Afterlife a.k.a. R.E.A.L. and I will be talking more about that in the coming months. So that is just a little bit about me.

Why FeenixFeather? I never really explained how I came up with my name so I figured I would for my first post. My wife and I are huge World of Warcraft fans and when I create a toon, I think of words that fit the class I want to make. When I created my warlock, the word phoenix came to mind. Of course the name Phoenix was taken and was probably taken a long time ago. And so like I do whenever I run into this problem, I went to Google Translate. After going through tons of translations, I came to the Estonian translation which feeniks. I wasn't a fan of the niks part, so I swapped it for just nix and wa lah, I had my toon's name. Later while playing Farming Simulator 2013 and playing around with customizing maps, I wasn't a fan of Feenix Farms. So I started brainstorming and then the Harry Potter fan in me gave me the answer. Feenix Feather Farms!
Then later down the road, I started Youtube, the original name was Paracraft but I wasn't 100% on that idea and FeenixFeather became it! So that's the story of FeenixFeather!

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